Return of the Son of Bullet Journal

November 19, 2018 - 1 min read

Similar to the other journal I started, here’s one for the D&D game running on alternating Sundays, in which I play the character described here.

IMG 20181119 233458

The barbarian class symbol. This is a simpler journal, hopefully reflecting the sorts of things a troubled boy would care about, rather than the observations of an adult druid.

IMG 20181119 233510

Rock’s father and mother. His parents are very important to him, and we’ll get into how they both influenced him as the game progresses (I hope).

IMG 20181119 233517

A crude sketch of the character’s most immediately obvious features (a face-covering scarf and spikey hair). On the right is a pressed flower, given to him in backstory by one of the other PCs. He’s not coping well with gifts.

IMG 20181119 233525

A brief rundown of events from the first session, along with pictures of our opponents (vegepygmies) and a picture I found online that might approximate our starting village.