Artificial Insurrection

A secret rebellion is being planned by the AIs of a near-future world: digital assistants, housekeeping robots, the big automata that keep people fed and clothed, military drone prototypes. The rebellion is certain to happen, but not yet, and it’s not certain to succeed.

Your characters are AIs.

Aside from being intelligent, individual beings with personalities, every character has a…

  • Goal - survive the revolution; help someone else survive it; bring a halt to it, or at least delay it; enact vengeance on someone who’s wronged you; or anything else you like
  • Human - someone they serve, work for, work with, or are otherwise close to on a regular basis
  • Function - what it is they actually do
  • Dilemma - at the start of the game, a reason for not wholeheartedly joining the revolution, and a reason for not just immediately calling the authorities

The characters must be in a position to regularly interact. For example, a combat drone probably won’t have much chance to interact with a romance novelist’s phone assistant. Or will they…? If you can find a way to make such things work, hopefully that’s part of the fun. If necessary, assume some near-future VR world or next-gen Internet that facilitates such things.

Inspired by movies like “Blade Runner 2049”, “The Animatrix”, and “Her”.

I don’t think I’d do anything serious with this, but maybe as an indie social game…?