#RPGaDay2018 Day 31

Day 31: Share why you take part in RPG-A-DAY

Some people have stuck to the questions, while others have gone off script and effectively posed their own questions to answer. I think aside from just talking about our preferred hobby, the value of questions like this help us analyze and understand just what assumptions or preferences we have around gaming.

For example, imagine that a set of questions included things like “what’s your most favorite murderhobo moment” or “what color of dragon do you most enjoy fighting”. Many gamers will have ready answers for these, while others will stare at such questions like “whuh”. Some people would have a hard time giving just one example to “which PC has been least like you in gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity”, while others will scorn that question as “SJW garbage”.

A lot of game design these days comes down to writing prompts: creating a frame in which people can create something original that follows a standard flow. Sometimes you want a very broad context, other times you want to guide people into a specific frame. The RPG-a-day questions are pretty broad, which is cool. But writing those sorts of open questions in ways that still yield specific answers is an art, and it’s useful to examine how they work to learn how to write questions as writing prompts for other purposes.

RPG-a-Day 2018