#RPGaDay2018 Day 23

Day 23: Which game do you hope to play again?

I’ve been gaming for awhile, so I could probably name any number of systems or settings that I had fun with, and would love to return to in some form. Eclipse Phase, Mekton, Champions, Mage, and Rifts are staring down at me from the shelf. There’s newer games, from the Kickstarter Epoch of Gaming, that I’ve played maybe once and not returned to. And there’s plenty of games that were hopeful investments but never paid off in a group. But the question says “again”, so we’ll confine ourselves to that.

I think of all the old games, Mage had the most opportunity for pure storytelling. Mechanics aside, it was a game about magic, belief, and the possible, and “redefine the world” was on the table as a story goal. Changeling played in adjacent territory (before it got redefined into the line’s metaphor for mental illness and abusive relationships), and there were certainly problems with Mage and its handling of some themes, but the game itself still spoke to me in a way that others don’t.

Following that, I’d love to get into a giant robot game again - of course. Mekton was the most obviously anime-inspired, but other games like Mechwarrior/Battletech, and Cthulhutech have all scratched versions of this itch. It’s not a popular genre for play, although TV and movies have done a bang-up job of messing with the typical mecha formula and have produced some very emotionally intense franchises as a result.

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