#RPGaDay2018 Day 14

Day 14: Describe a failure that became amazing

I’m going to go back to Masks, yet again, because of how dramatic it was.

Around sessions 10-12, the GM had some shenanigans happen to my robot-inventor PC, Leo. Leo’s robot ex-girlfriend had been kidnapped, the team wanted to find her, but during another fight, he learned that some scrapped robot parts in his home - parts built by his father, an evil genius - had somehow self-assembled, and were running at top speed toward the site.

Now, Leo is on very bad terms with his dad (even though he’s not around), and any hint of his dad’s tech reactivating and coming at him is bad news. So when the robot gets here, Leo attacks it. And then we find out that… there’s somehow a backup copy of Pneuma, the ex-girlfriend, in this robot?! And then we rescue the original Pneuma.

Leo’s tech can not self-assemble in the way that was done. Pneuma would not have backed herself up into any such shell. If it had been Pneuma, she would not have acted the way she did on being restored. These are foundational, character-defining truths. All that Leo (and I) could imply was enemy action.

Turns out that NOPE, the GM had badly misunderstood what I was doing with this character and his tech. We hashed this out much later, and things were explained, but the damage had been done. There were now two Pneumas, the GM announced they would be rejecting Leo’s offer of a mental merge that would turn them back into a single character, and there we were.

Fast forward about 40 sessions. As an NPC, the other Pneuma took the name Numina for a brief time, then Summer. She had some romantic tension with a PC in the party, Jason Quill. She went on adventures to other places and other dimensions, went through a couple of robot body techs, changed hearts and minds, and comforted and supported. She built a relationship with her “sister”, now going by the name Aria. And she’s now my PC, with Leo retiring.

I wasn’t interested in explaining away her origin in a way that made sense for Leo’s tech, as any attempt would be a major retcon. I left it alone. But I’m okay with that. We made the most of it, and her existence was fertile ground for telling stories about the concepts she embodies.

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