#RPGaDay2018 Day 11

Day 11: Wildest Character Name

I don’t go in for “wild” or crazy character names. I prefer characters who are more grounded in the human experience, who aren’t just muppets I’m hauling around a fantasy landscape for my own perverse joy.

That said, I’ve put plenty of time into creating significant character names, so here’s a couple of those?

Link: this is my superhero PC in a Masks game, and made an earlier appearance in a Fate Accelerated game as well. His real name is Leo Snow. He has a robot girlfriend-turned-best-friend named Pneuma, who goes by the “civilian” name Aria Newman. He builds intelligent transforming and combining robots, and wears a suit of powered armor to connect with them.

This unpacks in a ton of ways.

  • Link: aside from being the Legend of Zelda’s protagonist, “link” can also refer to his motto (“connection is strength”), his tech (based on carbon allotropes, which are most useful based on how they connect together), and his combination tech with his friends Pneuma and Otto.
  • Leo: this is a Lion reference (“leonine”), representing Leo’s role as a brave, bold, fierce fighter. It’s also indirectly a reference to GaoGaiGar, a wonderful reconstruction of Super Robot anime in which a giant robot lion brought an alien kid to Earth to save the world against evil.
  • Snow: in Game of Thrones, “Jon Snow” is the bastard son of a Stark, which is how he gets his last name (it’s a convention for bastards of the north to be called “Snow”). You could say Leo Snow is the bastard son of Tony Stark, since he’s sort of what you’d get if Iron Man had built Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan rather than meet them. Snow is also colored white, a traditional color for both heroes and giant robots.
  • Pneuma: as an AI poured into a mechanical body, her name does double duty as a reference to Greek philosophy (“the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person”) and the word ‘pneumatic’ in two senses (a process for operating machinery; and having a well-proportioned feminine figure).
  • Aria: a self-contained piece of music for one voice, referencing Leo’s musical metaphor for the brain and mind (“the band is the brain, the music is the mind”). Also another Game of Thrones reference, to Arya, the highly capable Stark offspring.
  • Newman: aside from simply sounding like “Pneuma”, it references Leo’s hopes to create a new race of human-like AI robots - “new men”.

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