#RPGaDay2018 Day 4

Day 4: Most Memorable NPC?

I’ve played in plenty of games, and plenty of NPCs have stayed with me. I’ll list the one that’s stuck with me because of their evolution, and because of how close their story was to my PC(s).

Our Monday Masks game started session 10 with two PCs attending high school during a typical day. The GM asked me to describe my high-tech inventor’s usual lab partner in science class. I had a couple options. I went with a take on Honey Lemon from “Big Hero 6”, and named her Ms. Rodriguez (after Honey’s voice actor in the CGI movie), and cast her as far too fascinated by fire and explosion in chemistry, thus making Leo very nervous. We added a further detail: Leo didn’t remember her first name, but comically assumed it was “No”, from the teacher saying “Miss Rodriguez, we are done with the lab… No, no, Miss Rodriguez, no…”

A little later, I wrote her social media profile for our forums. I gave her a Tumblr account with “her school life as some kind of whirlwind shoujo-style adventure” I also had her writing self-insert fanfic about another PC on our team, inserting herself as “Agent R”, a dynamic super-spy. This part was a callout to the comics version of Honey Lemon, who shows significantly more action (and skin).

As the game went on (and it’s currently at session 48), we find out that she’s a member of the Ponies (a MLP/superhero fan group in the campaign city, whose members have helped us before), and I wrote some further school adventures for her, like befriending an undercover supervillain at school who then tries to recruit her as a lieutenant. And she’s either actually named, or goes by the nickname, Nono. She’s going to be the best friend and confidante of Leo’s replacement PC, Summer.

Nono is one of those supporting NPCs that has her own life, hopes, wishes, and fears, but she still shows up to do entertaining stuff with the PCs. She’s mundane, with no powers of her own other than a formidable skill at chemistry, but she’s plucky, determined, self-doubting, with weaknesses and quirks and friends and dreams and secret strength and everything that makes someone feel real.

If you want to read some of her adventures, check out the Hot Mess saga, under “External Links” on this page.

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