Link's Robots

This is a run-down of the current and potential robots Link allies with.

First Generation: Otto


  • Relationship: Big brother mentor; chauffeur
  • Modes: Civilian car; armored supercar; humanoid robot
  • Integrations: Can enclose the Link Suit, Pneuma, or other human-scale units, providing great strength and durability
  • Functions: transportation; combat
  • Otto can flip between a conventional car and an obviously armored super-car
  • He is equipped with rockets fueled by metastable metallic hydrogen, and can fly
  • He is equipped with Link’s skyhook grapple systems
  • He combines the skyhooks and rockets to give himself a rocket punch attack


Second Generation: Pneuma

  • Relationship: Former love interest; best friend
  • Modes: Human; armored humanoid
  • Integrations: Can enclose the Link Suit, providing high speed and precision
  • Functions: battlefield intelligence; business partner
  • Pneuma can armor up into a form resembling the Link Suit
  • She can otherwise pass for a human being in casual contexts, but cannot pass under medical examination of security scrutiny

Third Generation: RESCUE-1


  • Relationship: Non-sentient animal
  • Modes: Fire truck; mechanical giraffe
  • Integrations: can connect with Otto, forming an even larger robot with a pressure hose as a weapon
  • Functions: emergency response; civilian rescue; fire suppression
  • Long neck + head operates as flexible water hose, rescue ladder, etc.
  • Wheeled vs. legged operation for best balance of speed and ability to maneuver over rough terrain

Other EMS vehicles are possible, such as an ambulance or police cruiser. These would function mainly as civilian rescue and support units, with limited combat capabilities.


Third Generation: SHELL-1

  • Relationship: Non-sentient animal
  • Modes: Robotic turtle; armor-plated shelter
  • Integrations: none
  • Functions: mobile armor; civilian protection
  • Turtle shell is capable of extending its panels to provide shielding, hold up weights, etc.
  • Optional cannon, laser, or some other type of weapon system.

A specialized combat and rescue unit for protecting people, based roughly on the Herculoids’ Tundro.

Third Generation: RECON-1


  • Relationship: Non-sentient animal
  • Modes: Motorcycle; predatory cat
  • Integrations: can connect to the Link Suit or Pneuma
  • Functions: pursuit; hunting; shadowing
  • Able to operate autonomously, track targets, follow a patrol route, or provide security
  • Motorcycle mode is gyroscopically balanced and can operate without a driver

Other stealthy or quasi-military robots are possible, such as wolves, hawks, and so on. All would be human-scale or nearly so,


Third Generation: SKY-1


  • Relationship: Non-sentient animal
  • Modes: Jet fighter; giant bird
  • Integrations: can attach to any other unit to provide extended flight ability
  • Functions: long-range transport; air dogfighting
  • Combination of ionocraft for lift, jet, winged flight for propulsion offers best balance of speed, range, and maneuverability

Fills the same role as the Herculoids’ Zok, but a giant bird rather than a dragon.


Fourth Generation: Jumbo Jet

  • Relationship: TBD
  • Modes: Jumbo Jet; possible humanoid robot
  • Integrations: encloses Otto, similar to how Otto encloses other units
  • Functions: long-range transport; mobile base
  • A full-sized jet liner that can act as a team base
  • Intercontinental range, potentially able to reach outer space

Fourth Generation: Dark Link


  • Relationship: TBD
  • Modes: Human; armored humanoid
  • Integrations: connects like Link or Pneuma to other units
  • Functions: infiltration; espionage; combat
  • Another sentient AI, trained in time-accelerated virtual reality with commando and ninja skills
  • Equipped with a full range of stealth and infiltration technology (cloaking, skyhooks, etc.)