Fusion AU - Chris Evans edition

October 08, 2017 - 4 min read

Unlike other broad Fusion AUs, this is a small one with a simple premise: what if all the genre films Chris Evans had appeared in existed in the same continuity?

For our purposes, we’re including the following: Battle For Terra, Fantastic Four, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Push, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Snowpiercer, Sunshine, and TMNT. Jekyll isn’t out yet, and as funny as it would be, Not Another Teen Movie isn’t a genre film.

So how does it go? Well…

Division Clones

Steve Rogers, a physically weak but courageous and dedicated American, is inducted into the Super-Soldier program by Dr. Abraham Erskine. The Super-Soldier Serum transforms his body into a powerhouse. Thus fortified, Captain Rogers battles HYDRA throughout World War II and defeats his nemesis, the Red Skull. Rogers goes down in a HYDRA super-bomber in an attempt to save New York City, and is frozen in the North Atlantic for 70 years. ^[Marvel Cinematic Universe]

While Dr. Erskine was killed by a saboteur during the initial experiment, samples of both the serum and Rogers’ tissues are taken for later study. The responsibility for continuing the program, including study of superhumans and further research into the serum, is divided among the Allies’ governments. After the war, this program becomes simply known as ‘Division’. ^[Push]

As the possibility of human cloning is developed, Division produces several clones of Rogers and tunes their life histories, hoping to perfect the development of super-soldiers by mixing the right balance of mental strength and willingness to obey orders. Division also uses a modified serum on expectant mothers around the world. Their children, and sometimes they themselves, develop a variety of powers.

Division’s first attempt is Nick Gant, who develops minor telekinetic talents due to the serum. He goes on the run from Division. In Hong Kong, he and a handful of allies battle Division operatives and local street super-gangs. ^[Push]

The second clone is named Casey Jones. This individual becomes a hard-bitten vigilante, operating on the streets of New York City. He encounters a quartet of mutated turtles and assists them in battling immortal mogul Max Winters. ^[TMNT]

The third is Lucas Lee, a powerful but evil individual. Division tried to breed him with a super-powered delivery girl, but the relationship doesn’t last due to the interference of a bassist for a Toronto band. ^[Scott Pilgrim vs. the World]

Age of Heroes

The most successful clone is one with a stable family life: Johnny Storm, later the Human Torch. This clone of a famous World War II hero became a hero in his own right, along with those around him: adoptive sister Sue Storm, her husband Reed Richards, and family friend Ben Grimm. The quartet traveled into space on an experimental rocket. The gamma radiation in space activated the Super-Soldier Serum Division had implanted in all their bodies, giving each of them considerable powers. Now the “Fantastic Four”, they battled evil such as Richards’ superscience rival, Doctor Doom. ^[Fantastic Four]

Captain America is revived from the ice and joins the new “Avengers” initiative. Unlike Division, which has acted behind the scenes, the Avengers become a public force for good. ^[Marvel Cinematic Universe]

The arrival of a cosmic force puts all of Earth’s heroes on alert, including the Avengers and Fantastic Four. Cap learns of his cloning, but overcomes his concerns and works hand in hand with groups like the Fantastic Four.


During the battle, damage is done to Earth’s Sun. Stark Industries creates a spaceship that will drop an experimental bomb into the Sun to correct the damage, but it disappears. As Earth’s climate shifts more and more radically, a second mission is assembled in haste. Johnny Storm volunteers - as an astronaut, he has experience in space. The ICARUS-2 launches, with Storm undercover as “Mace”. With his flame powers, he is able to withstand the awful cold of a coolant bath while doing vital repairs, and sacrifices himself to ignite the bomb that will save the Sun. ^[Sunshine]

Earth is safe, but the climate is severely damaged. The world falls under the permanent spell of winter. Billionaire train magnate Wilford ushers survivors into his super-train, the Snowpiercer. Casey Jones, going under the alias Curtis Everett, boards the train along with many others. He is forced by circumstances into awful acts, but becomes a charismatic leader of the poorer people aboard. After years of life aboard a cramped and socially segregated train, he leads a revolution which upsets Wilford’s tyranny but leaves only a handful of survivors. ^[Snowpiercer]

Meanwhile, other survivors have launched into space aboard multi-generation “Ark” starships. They arrive at Terra, a planet with alien natives, and must grapple with the moral implications of transforming it to be human-livable at the cost of the aliens’ lives. ^[Battle For Terra]