Works in Progress

It’s 2017. I made progress on some projects, failed to completely push through a few others, and made some important breakthroughs on even more. In no particular order, here’s what’s on my plate at the moment.

Compleat Villain

My general lack of faith in Fate-related supers rules is pushing me toward the Masks rules. This mostly affects the villain write-ups, and may or may not impact the “how to villain” text. But overall I feel much better about this than statting out villains in anything else people seem to be playing these days.

Fairy Soul

I’m feeling better and better about this. Mostly I need to be sure that the world and setting are well fleshed out, so I’m going to try and shotgun a few seasons of “Downton Abbey” soon, as it seems to be on point for the era I want. I’m not trying to create a historically accurate depiction of the Edwardian era, only something that feels real enough to game in.

Grand Adventure

The current incarnation of Actions was not well received, so I put together a brainstorming document to find fixes. I have a smoother, more streamlined system that harks back to an old idea: build a dice pool by figuring out ways your thing could go wrong. Players roll dice based on their Words, Pools, and any Twists they want to take. Right now, they also roll based on a player-chosen difficulty number: the higher the number, the more progress you make but the harder it’ll be to roll. This needs playtesting, and there’s several alternatives or tweaks to it.

Helping Hand

It’s hard sometimes, but I still believe in this universe. I’m going to work on the remainining stories I’d planned out, writing them as I have free time. Working with ComiPo or in a comic script format seems to be easier for me, so I’m going to start with that, rather than the conventional short-story form.


I put out two documents for public inspection.

Blood, Loss is a no-dice one-player game about gaining vampire powers and facing mortality. 2016 hit me pretty hard, and this is what came out of that plus a desire to try and create a “pure story game” (by somebody’s definition). It’s still a work in progress - the prompts will need rewriting - but it says something specific that I wanted to say.

A Long Time Ago is a tiny game meant to run the Star Wars universe as a series of moral conflicts, which I think is basically what it is anyway. People have expressed some interest and given some good feedback, and I’m working on incorporating that.