Final Fusion

After working on the other Fusion AU documents, I started on a new one, focused on bio-punk, genetic engineering, and monsters of various sorts. EDIT: final version is here: Crossbreed.

As before, one franchise can contribute pieces that can fix holes in others. For example, I had two major objections to “Gattaca”. First, the prevalence of genetic testing and the attendant paranoia. Second, the notion that a would-be astronaut with a weak heart would ever consider himself a good candidate for a space program. Determination is admirable, but would he put his crew at risk just for his own dream of going into space?

The other franchises that already appeared - a non-stop cavalcade of viral outbreaks, diseases, and mutations, including things like “Resident Evil” and “Prototype” - explain why the society of Gattaca develops as it does. Biology itself is a threat. Genetic engineering is not merely en vogue, but a vital and accepted part of the public disease-fighting effort.

The “Dollhouse” TV series gives us both a way to reach space sensibly, and a reason dedication and courage are enough: the astronauts of the Titan mission won’t be sent in bodies. Their minds will be sent, using an advance of the Rossum “imprinting” technology, to be run as software on the ship’s computer. This eliminates life support requirements and simplifies the ship’s design.

What’s in?

Here’s a list of the franchises that I’ve either included, or plan to include. I divided them by major themes: Cloning, Bio-freaks, Mutant Powers, The Conspiracy, The Virus, and The Apocalypse.

There’s other candidates, such as “Tomorrow People” or “X-Men”, that might be difficult to incorporate or feel out of sync. The feel of the AU should focus more on genetic engineering, evolution, and mutation, and less on things like psionic abilities.

If you know of some franchise that feels like it fits the theme, but doesn’t appear here, let me know!