Bootstrapping Your Crafting in FFXIV Patch 3.3

I had to piece together the following steps, so I wanted to share them with everybody in a simple, straightforward fashion.

The goal is to get a novice crafter (Disciples of Hand/Land levels 50-60) set up for success at endgame (3 or 4 star recipe) crafting.

Getting to 60

You should have all your Disciple of Hand classes at 50. If you do not, I highly recommend the 1-50 guides available at FFXIV Guild.

Aside from the leveling guides from FFXIV Guild, the recent patch introduced Moogles as a beast tribe quest giver. You can unlock their daily quests using the steps outlined here.

I strongly encourage you to keep your Mining and Botany up to date as well. If not, you will be buying a lot of materials you could farm for yourself.

Moogle Beast Tribe Quests

The number one common ingredient for Ironworks-level gear is Luminous Fiber. The main ingredient for these is Glass Fiber. You need 3 Glass Fiber to make one Luminous Fiber. You pay 7 daily tokens to get 1 Glass Fiber. You can do 3 beast tribe quests a day. Most recipes require 3 Luminous Fibers. So basically, (3 fibers * 3 glass fibers * 7 tokens) / (3 quests a day) means that each Ironworks recipe can be done in about 3 weeks…

Get started on the Moogle beast tribe quests as soon as you can.


You can use the Specialist System to specialize in up to three crafting classes. These work very similar to combat jobs: you get an equippable soul, along with specific abilities. Having the soul equipped also gives you +20 to both Craftsmanship and Control.

What should you specialize in? Blacksmith, Leatherworking, and Weaving produce the eventual tools and equipment, but they depend on materials produced by Alchemy and other crafts.

I recommend starting with Alchemy, Leatherworking, and Weaving. These will allow you to produce most of the Ironworks precursor materials, such as Luminous Fiber. The recipes that follow will require large amounts of fiber, relative to the other ingredients.

You can spend red scrip to change your specialization later.

Crystal Farming

You’ll be doing a lot of farming for crystals and clusters. FFXIV includes a new tool to help you acquire these very quickly: Aetherial Reduction.

You must be level 56 or higher, and complete a quest, to unlock this. See the link for details.

Once you’ve done this, load up FFXIV Clock and add Ephemeral Nodes to the list of nodes you are watching. The node you want - location and Eorzea time - depends on the type of crystal you want to acquire.

See this link for the complete list: Ephemeral Nodes. For example, you might go to Coerthas West at 12am Eorzea time for Wind Crystals. While there, you will see an “Ephemeral” node on your map. Make sure Collector’s Glove is active, then harvest from the node.

Once the node is exhausted, you can force it to respawn, by tapping two nearby nodes. In Heavensward, gathering nodes come clustered together. So for example, you could fly to the cluster north of the ephemeral node, then the cluster to the west, then back. You don’t have to fully harvest the regular nodes, just hit them once. Ephemeral Nodes last for four hours Eorzea time.

There is an easy rotation to maximize your Ephemeral Node yield, found here:

Once you have harvested collectible items like Furymint or Fire Moraine, right-click on them in your bag and select “Aetherial Reduction”.

First Tier: Chimerical Felt and Serpentskin

You should end your level 60 quests with some or all of the following pieces. Buy or make HQ versions of the remainder if possible.

Item level 140 main and off hand tools are available as quest rewards or crafted items.

Second Tier: Blue Scrip Gear

If you haven’t already, you should be building up a stock of Blue and Red Scrip. This is obtained by crafting collectible items, or gathering collectible raw materials.

To obtain scrip, look at the Timer (control-U), then click on Rowena’s House of Splendors. This will tell you the items you can deliver for the day to receive scrip. Each collectible must be manufactured, or gathered, as a collectible, and must meet a minimum collectibility value.

Your goal for Blue Scrip is to buy the item level 180 crafting gear from the Splendors Vendor (5, 7) in Idyllshire. Your goal for Red Scrip is to buy Goblin Cups from the Scrip Exchange vendor next door. Each Cup costs 50 Red Scrip, and there’s a weekly cap of 450, so you can get at most 9 cups a week.

Once you have enough Goblin Cups, and a supply of the crafting gear of your choice, you can trade the crafting items and cups to Grinmox (6, 7) also in Idyllshire. It costs 27 cups to upgrade a complete set to its Augmented form, but you don’t have to, and you don’t want to.

Don’t get the Red Scrip offhands! This is a waste of valuable scrip.

Your goal is to reach the minimum requirements to make Ironworks gear, the next tier: 870 Craftsmanship, 835 Control.

Be sure to include Food and Specialization bonuses (+20 Cra/Con) in these numbers. HQ Beet Soup gives you the best overall bonus to both of these stats.

Gathering Books

If you are farming your own materials rather than buying them on the Marketplace, you will want to buy the six Folklore books from the Idyllshire Splendors Vendor (5, 7). Each book costs 99 Blue Gatherer’s Scrip, and there are six books between Botany and Mining.

Currently the best Blue Gatherer’s Scrip comes from a mixture of Red Quartz and Cuprite. Doing this rotation every 30 minutes or so will give you one book every six hours.

Third Tier: Ironworks gear

Once you are at 870 and 835, you can manufacture the Ironworks set:

The Cap, Apron, Sleeves, and Breeches are Weaver specialist recipes. The Belt and Boots are Leatherworker. The Neck and Wrist slots are Carpenter. The Earrings and Ring are Goldsmith.

I recommend making the Weaver pieces and Leatherworker pieces if you specced into those, then making enough ingredients for the rest and switching to Carpenter and Goldsmith.

BiS, including recommended melds, can be found here.