Staying Busy

June 02, 2016 - 3 min read

The last several weeks have been pretty busy. I’ve been slow to post, so here’s a recap of recent work.

Attack From the Stars

I created an alien-invasion Fusion AU, called Attack From the Stars.

Some people, including Jacob Possin, expressed interest on Google+ in running a game based in this timeline. Jacob’s an awesome guy but also a busy one, but if he has time I look forward to participating in that.

Avert the Apocalypse

My alternating-Sundays gaming group wasn’t satisfied with Fate Accelerated for the sci-fi game we’re playing, called Diaspora. We took a break to try out Masks, and we got four sessions done.

I think we missed out on a chance to really explore what makes Masks unique, like the Influence mechanics, but it was educational and fun.

Following that, I put together a short set of rules, called Avert the Apocalypse, based on Simple World. I tried to capture the typical things the Diaspora PCs were doing, then encode those into stats and moves. I included a sample character based on my own PC (“D7”), and a list of sample qualities that are used to build characters.

Final Fantasy XIV

Since moving into my new house, I haven’t been playing much FFXIV due to a lack of wired Ethernet. The wireless or Ethernet-over-powerline arrangement I have is very flaky for sustained MMO gaming. Still, I made some progress in areas where disconnects aren’t fatal.

For example, here’s my private chamber decorations:

Helping Hand visual journal

I’m working on a visual journal for the Helping Hand super-team, to flesh out their world and background a bit.

You can see a few sample pages on Google+.


I bought Overwatch and have been playing, mostly player-vs-AI and solo-AI matches. I played in a couple of “real” PvP matches and got killed quickly, but that’s expected of a new player without a lot of FPS practice. It’s definitely a fun game and a fun universe, and it’s giving me ideas for how to formulate the process of creating a new game setting.

The Party

A friend of mine experienced a personal loss. In response, I wrote a brief story called The Party. It seems to have been well received.

Words as Approaches

I wrote a suggestion for using Words over Approaches on Google+. I’m thinking more about the comments that it received, which suggested looking at it as a possible magic system.