Grand Adventure Optional Rules

A thread about damage got me thinking about a few optional rules for Grand Adventure: Conditions (for nuanced tracking of injury) and Equipment.


Tana breaks her leg, and Sir Emory sets it as best he can with a quick prayer of healing. But she’ll be hobbling for awhile, which will make things more difficult…

How do we model that? By creating Words that represent some kind of deleterious condition. The MC gives Tana a “With a Broken Leg” (☆5) Word. Every action she takes where the leg is a serious impediment must include that Word, and its action cost of 5.

The MC can use Twist to emphasize the challenges of dealing with a condition. For example, inflicting extra damage on Tana when she tries to move anyway, or increasing a challenge difficulty after she loses her balance and falls.

Twists can inflict a condition Word with a cost equal to the amount of Twist. For example, Tana rolls 6 Twist while battling a soul-destroying demon. The MC places a condition on her called “While Corrupted With Dark Energy”, with a cost of 6.

The Word goes away once the underlying condition is cleared. The MC should be careful of inflicting long-lasting conditions, and give players an understandable way to clear them.


Many adventurers care about the equipment they’re carrying around. You can model this using a combination of Words and Pools, like an Archetype.

For example:

Health Potion (☆3): You gain 1d6 Resolve. You lose 1 Health Potion Supply.

Health Potion Supply (♡): You have a stock of potions available to you. Recharge this pool whenever you are in a civilized town that sells potions.

Mana Potion (☆3): As above, but you gain 1d6 MP instead of Resolve, and have a Mana Potion Supply Pool.

Plate Armor (☆3): Your heavy armor protects you and wards off attacks. You can use your Armored Pool.

Armored (♡): Your armor is thick and strong, but not invulnerable. Recharge whenever you visit an armorsmith, or have access to a forge and tools to do it yourself.