The Cat's Progress

Recently the cat informed me that she needed to hold an important conversation. Accordingly I booked some time and we talked it over. After about ten minutes of negotiation and mutual assurance, she announced that she was fine with being picked up and carried around, within limits, and I proceeded to test this assertion.

She rested comfortably for a bit, indicating that ear scritching and petting were in order, and upon receiving such for another ten minutes, contentedly departed for remote locations unknown to humankind. However, given that her auditory homing device - which tells us her location at any time of day or night, from any distance - had ceased broadcasting, I assumed that all was well and gave the matter no further thought.

I since received a telegram from Burma, in which the cat informed me that further lifting and carrying would be handled on an ad hoc basis but that a framework for such activities was now in place.