What if the world were literature made literal?

Set Sail For Adventure

Your octavo skims across the ocean of Ink toward the unsuspecting Atlas folio. Your men ready their cutlasses, muskets, and clubs - the Captain Blood fragments have been good to you, but the Clan of the Cave Bear is a reliable standby. The folio’s crew see you, but too late - they cannot outmaneuver the nimble octavo.

Battle is joined! Blood runs red across the vellum, more than a few of both crews fall to their silent grave in the Ink, and you duel the enemy captain in a contest too close for comfort. But at last the day is yours.

Your greedy scalawags descend into the depths of the folio. They emerge with a prize beyond imagination: the text describing the island on which Blood and Levasseur had their duel! Your crew includes enough Readers and Good Ink to finally create your very own pirate base. The folio’s other contents will go to the men, rewarding their hard work and painful losses. Such is the life of a Librarian.

It’s Just Past the Non-Fiction Section

Libraria is a world where books have literally come to life, where a few scraps from a classic novel can summon a fortress from Ink, where the magic of words is the only reality. It’s an age of exploration across the sea of Ink to recover enough of a lost library’s works to undo the Abookalypse - or to live comfortably enough in this strange new world.

Work for the nation-states which have arisen - fictional pastiches of England, France, Spain, and more - or find enough of the lost written word and make your own. Collect treasure, literary or otherwise, on the high seas. Explore the fantastic worlds of fiction made real, if you dare. Or sail to the edge of the Ink, and see if it’s the end of the world - or a way out.

Wield the weapons of legend from your favorite stories, or craft your own with the magic of Authorship. Refine Good Ink to Read ships, islands, even whole nations to breathtaking life. Confront the mysterious Wordsmiths and their masters, the Narratives. You are a Librarian. What’s on your horizon?