Inept Sorcerer Classes

Inept Sorcerers doesn’t say anything about the sort of magic your character uses, or where they learned it, or anything really. But what if it did?

None of these are meant to be polished, tested character classes. Instead, think of them as illustrations for how you can flavor the magic system of the game.


You specialize in creating potions, elixirs, flasks, unguents, and all manner of other magical concoctions.

New card: …In a Bottle [3]: you can capture the essence of a spell in liquid form, storing it safely. At any time, cast a spell with this card to carry the spell around as a potion. You may use that spell once, at any later time, without drawing power or using the spellcasting rules - the spell takes effect immediately. You cannot carry more such potions than your Chaos Capacity.

Typical Bothers: Laboratory explosions, foul smells, and blackened and destroyed clothing are all hallmarks of a practicing alchemist.


Your powers of sensitivity and prognostication are reliable. At least something is.

Modified card: Increase Chaos Capacity by 2 when using the Commune With… card.

Typical Bothers: Many diviners will unintentionally mumble the secrets of those around them, causing no end of embarrassment, humiliation, or legal trouble. Some get too lost in the future to pay attention to the present.


Your magic comes from a bond with nature and the mysteries of the living world.

Modified cards: The natural world is yours to command. Nature and Faerie cost 1 Power less. Monsters and Death cost 1 Power more.

New card: My Familiar [0]: You have a familiar - a conjured creature such as a cat, bird, lizard, or other reasonably small and simple animal. Your spell can affect that familiar, at any reasonable distance.

Typical Bothers: Lost, hurt, or overly sassy familiars are job hazards for any druid. Some take their mandate too far, slipping into violence against despoilers of nature, or sometimes just a little harmless tree-hugging.


Male or female, you understand the value of the seasons, the natural order, and harmony between man and nature. Let the druid tend the forests - your place is in the village, assisting with the harvest and keeping people healthy and mended.

New card: …From the Land [0]. You start each session with 10 points of Power, accessible as long as you are outdoors or in a familiar place such as your village. When Drawing Power, you can tap these points (as few or as many as you like) instead of, or as well as, rolling dice.

Typical Bothers: Most Hedge-Witches don’t get the respect they deserve from their more polished siblings, what with the odd get-ups, strange herbal odors, and weird little rituals the job requires.


You pore through textbooks and old grimoires, searching for magical techniques. Your study has been regimented, disciplined, and closely monitored. Of course, you’re still inept, but you’re organized.

New card: …From My Grimoire [0]: At the start of the game, write down three spell chains that include this card. If you cast one of those specific spells, and make no changes to the spell chain when doing so, increase Chaos Capacity by 2 for the spell. Remove a spell from your grimoire once you cast it.

Typical Bothers: Hermetics’ spells don’t explode - that’s for plebian spellslingers. Their spells suffer catastrophic matrix containment breaches or unexpected etheric discharges.


Your spells draw from the Umbral Universe, conjuring quasi-real but ultimately phantasmal reflections of real magic. Such magic can be effective - just usually not yours.

New card: Illusionary [1]: The things you bring into existence or manipulate aren’t real, and can be used in ways or to do things that would be troublesome if the real thing was in play.

Typical Bothers: Sometimes the spells you want to be real turn out to be illusions as well. An opponent who disbelieves your illusion can trick you in return, and get in a good shot when you aren’t expecting it.

Mad Mage

The power… the power… ahahahha! Nothing can stop you now!

New card: Recklessly [5]. As long as this card is in your chain when casting a spell, you can Draw Power by rolling a d20 once you’ve rolled d12. If you take advantage of this rule, you cannot remove Recklessly from the chain.

Typical Bothers: Magical backlashes, spells gone out of control, pyrotechnics going off everywhere, MASS HYSTERIA!


You walk in the skins of animals, able to metamorphose your body and become something else. Flying as an eagle, or saying stupid things as a parrot, are both equally possible.

Modified cards: Increase Chaos Capacity by 3 when Exchange… and either Nature or Faerie are being used to transform yourself, something, or someone into (or out of) a natural shape.

Typical Bothers: Your animal instincts or hunting habits can kick in at the worst times, or you can simply find yourself being followed around by a horde of friendly creatures from the nearby forest.


Your conjured creations give you an edge in battle. When they listen.

Modified cards: Choose a single type of summoned creature (Death, Monsters, or Faerie). Increase Chaos Capacity by 3 when using the Conjure… card to summon such creatures to aid you.

Typical Bothers: Summons turning on their “masters” is a staple of the craft, but so is calling up something entirely unexpected.