It Was There, Honest!

I’ve been looking for a way to play-test the cue system I described earlier. I could plug it into Inept Sorcerers, but I thought of another possibility: make a separate game.

It Was There, Honest! is about a group of kids telling a parent, uncle, or other authority figure about something unbelievable. In the mountains, they found a cave that led to a fantastic valley of dinosaurs and cave-men. They fell down a hole and encountered talking rabbits and red-eyed goblins. They were abducted by aliens using a floating blue force field. Whatever.

There’s no traditional GM, only the Authority Figure. The AF’s job is not to tell the kids what happened - that’s what the kids do. Instead, the AF is meant to be skeptical, to raise objections or dive into the kids’ story about their journey.

The kids, for their part, are struggling to be honest. This really did happen to them! And now that they’re back, they want to convince whoever’s in charge that they aren’t just out causing problems, that their story is true, that they can be trusted to be responsible sometimes. And maybe that means admitting things they don’t want to admit about themselves - or discovering important things about each other.

So there’s an exploration system where the kids talk about the place they visited, and the mysteries and the dangers they find there. The AF’s skepticism fuels the conflict system. What’s at stake for the kids isn’t physical danger, though that will certainly exist - it’s validation of their identity and integrity in the eyes of their older guardians.

So that’s the basic idea behind IWTH. Any thoughts?