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  Beggars on Horseback

Wishes have power. Especially if you are playing Inept Sorcerers. This is an early version of an add-on rule for that game, allowing players to create wishes that must come true, regardless of cost.

  Inept Sorcerers as a Process

I posted quite a bit about Inept Sorcerers on G+, on this blog, and elsewhere. Normally I don't get so chatty about projects I'm working on, but I wanted to do two things I hadn't really done before: first, to actually design a game, and second, to tell other people what I did and how I did it.

  GeekGirlCon After-Action Report

I spent two days helping to facilitate games at the Games on Demand table at GeekGirlCon. I got to run Inept Sorcerers once, and played two new games: The Quiet Year and Souls of Steel.


I've been invited to run Inept Sorcerers at GeekGirlCon this year, October 10 and 11. During the sessions, I'll be testing out one of the "frames" for the game, called Race For the Crown.

  Frames for Inept Sorcerers

I'm designing a few "campaign frames" for Inept Sorcerers, which provide the game with a more concrete tone and setting.

  PAX Playtesting for Inept Sorcerers

I attended PAX Prime's Games on Demand over the weekend, and both ran and played in games of Inept Sorcerers. Here's a brief rundown of those games, and what I learned.

  Inept Sorcerers Playtest

My friends Phil, Sherry, and Justin helped me playtest Inept Sorcerers. Phil recorded the session, and you can listen to it.

  Inept Sorcerer Classes

Inept Sorcerers doesn't say anything about the sort of magic your character uses, or where they learned it, or anything really. But what if it did?

  Inept Sorcerers and Forums

Update: For various reasons, instead of using my own forum software, I've created a Google+ Community for discussing the game.

A couple of groups have already playtested Inept Sorcerers and the feedback was apparently good! Based on that, I am moving forward to gussy it up a bit - adding art, doing better layout, and so forth.

If you are interested in discussing the game, I've got a new phpBB forum installed here:

Register for an account - it'll require you to follow an activation link sent via email - and let me know what you think of the game, what you'd like it to do, or anything else.