I’ve run two sessions of The Wake for people. Here’s a run-down of some metaphysical concepts I introduced for the game, and some elaboration on what they mean.

A “fusion AU” - a combination of many fictional franchises into a single chronology - based on the theme of biology. Viral infections, nonhuman creatures or half-human hybrids, giant monsters, and more.

“The Wake” is the name of a dreamlike fantasy world I’m creating for Fate.

You can read some short fiction here: What’s Your Story?

Here’s a big master list of resources for people doing creative writing.

Human culture had prepped the public for the idea of a hostile alien invasion. We never prepared for one that was benevolent.

A couple years ago, I moved my blog to Metalsmith. More recently I decided to try another static site generator, Hexo. URLs have all changed, so if you are looking for old content, you’ll have to search.

Hexo is a lot less flexible than Metalsmith. It has some interesting features, and bakes in a lot of stuff for you. I’m going to give it a try for awhile and see what I think. The more I work with it, though, the more I think that I could put together a NoFlo or Gulp based pipeline that would give me everything I want.

URLs have all changed. Hexo, like many blog platforms, apparently doesn’t think that users want to tag or categorize pages. As a result, I moved everything into a blog-post format, with corresponding date-based permalinks.

I’m setting up local site search to help look for older posts, and will be tagging more stuff as I get a chance.

What do you do when necessity compels you to throw away your heart?

The demons of Talispire inhabit flame-red caverns. They are merciless creatures, to be sure. Soulless, too. They can be conjured by the appropriate rituals, and bargained with if not commanded. They will kill errant or arrogant summoners, as is well known. They desire human souls above all else. But why?

I will tell you their story.

In role-playing games, the GM describes challenges and offers opportunities. The players then make decisions for how their characters react to these things. You can think of this process as navigating a maze made of doors, walls, and windows.

“What’s your story?”

Body-swaps in fiction are interesting because they shake up social dynamics. What can you do with these in a typical RPG computer game? Here’s the start of a heroic journey, involving two very unlikely partners.