Deep 13

This is a game that I'm running every other Sunday, using the Masks PbtA game rules.


  1. Tank
  2. Kidnap
  3. Truth

Characters and Groups


  • Alternity aka Jess Richards. "Doomed". Conjures extradimensional matter into constructs.
  • Bheema aka Suresh. "Bull". Forcibly conscripted for the war effort by Control.
  • Fang. "Outsider". A furry telepathic alien living on Earth to prove eirself.

Supporting Cast

  • Uncle Ajay. Suresh's uncle. Sympathetic to the boy's cause. Has been contacted by Control.
  • Dr. Victor Richards. Jess's father. Discovered the other dimension that Jess's powers tap into.
  • Dr. Carol Richards. Jess's mother. Lost in the other dimension.
  • Vicky. Bheema's love interest. Lab technician who works in the defense agency.
  • Dr. Xander Hong. Parabiologist. Working with Control. A senior member of the "Dark Angel" project that captured and experimented on Bheema.

Places and Groups

  • Halcyon City. A gleaming high-tech metropolis, rebuilt after being destroyed.
  • Science Council. The civilian leadership of Halcyon City.
  • Control. The scientific-military establishment in charge of the war effort against the Zeta.

Alien Races

  • Alpha. Fang's species. The first aliens to make contact with humanity.
  • Zeta. The aliens attacking Earth from the dark side of the moon. They have moon bases and outposts on Earth.