The mountains are good. The sky is good. The lake water is good.

Cheyenne is waiting at the door when he gets home. She’s got that look on her face. Mack has been told that the Eskimo tribes have over two hundred words meaning snow. Cheyenne has a dozen variations of worry. There’s worry about him at the job, worry when he’s in danger, worry that he’s going to leave her for another woman, and this particular worry, which is always about money.

I called myself “the Ogre” when I knocked over the bank. It worked for about three minutes, until some yahoo busted through the skylight and took me down. I’m pretty sure that property damage isn’t FDIC insured. So why was I the one to go to jail?

“Power Corrupts, ladies and gentlemen. These are the two most important words you will hear today. Remember them, because we’re going to come back to it and explain it throughout the session today.”

Ram’s body sits in the pod underneath the Persona offices in Chicago. It floats in a liquid suspension, protected with breathing gear and restraining harnesses. Occasionally the muscles will twitch. But Ram isn’t there. He’s borrowing someone’s body.

Victor Ballard had been destined for success. He was the golden boy in school, excelling at sports and maintaining a good GPA. He was a Stage Two superhuman until the car accident. When he crawled from the wreckage of his Honda, he had attained Stage Three. He got control over electricity and magnetism. He was also instantly sober, thanks to the shift in his metabolism purging the alcohol from his bloodstream.