The Compleat Villain

Posted on Thu Jun 09 2016 -- compleat-villain supers

I'm finally getting off my ass and putting together "The Compleat Villain". This will be a compilation of characters, locations, and rules for superhero gaming, based on material I've put together over the years. Here's a few of the highlights.

Characters and Groups

  • The Empress of Aether — high-tech savior of the world turned master villain, she watches all from her orbital Panopticon.
  • The Arcana — a team of heroes and villains chosen by mystical Tarot cards.
  • Breakbeat — the street villain with sonic powers and an odd vulnerability.
  • Deus Volt and Hannibal Lectric — a hero and villain pair of lightning wielders.
  • The Grasscutters — a Russian team dedicated to hunting superhumans.
  • Mountain Man — the surly rock manipulator with a mobile home.
  • Mr. Big and Pyrepower — veteran size-changing villain and hot-headed apprentice.
  • Sea-czar — mental master of all undersea life.
  • Universal Consulting — a vampire, werewolf, and other mystic beings work outside the law, sometimes for good, sometimes not.
  • Wavelength — an underground website dedicated to conspiracy theory.


  • Silverline City — constructed from the crashed remnants of an alien mothership, now a high-tech metropolis and hub for superhuman activity.
  • Heights Academy and Miller Mountain Reformatory — adjacent super-schools, one for budding heroes, the other for juvenile super-offenders.
  • Gaia — an alien planet connected to the Solar System via a portal, where every living thing has super-powers.


How to beat — or become — a supervillain more effectively.

  • Supervillain lairs — finding and surviving them
  • Henchmen and minions
  • Villain public relations
  • Villains and organized crime
  • Incarceration and escape

A lot of this material will be drawn from Villains Victorious!. If there's material there that you feel should be included, please let me know!