I'm at That Age

Posted on Wed Mar 09 2016

I'm not in my 20's any more. But I'm not old, or even middle age. I'm at That Age.

I'm at the age where I've forgotten the magic of a first kiss, and older and deeper magics make that forgetting acceptable.

I'm at the age where I remember the mistakes of youth, but not yet old enough to remember them fondly.

I'm at the age where talking about my problems angers me. Anything big enough to trouble me needs a helping hand, not a friendly ear.

I'm at the age where I can look at my hobbies and think "this is silly", then look at the alternatives and realize "but that's sillier".

I'm at the age where a mortgage is scarier than a dragon. You slay the dragon to take its treasure home. Now, your home is its treasure.

I'm at the age where I'm forced to slow down, and where doing so lets me look around and notice my surroundings at last.

I'm at the age where "you'll understand when you're older" sounds like a promise rather than a brush-off.

I'm at the age where the easy, cheap things are done entertaining me, and I'm ready for the subtle, sophisticated, expensive things.

I'm at the age where reading or watching a romance story is more to remember what it was like than to dream about what it will be.

I'm at the age where I can pay for the follies of youth in others, and still have time to save up for my own mid-life crisis.

I'm at the age when mortality taught us a lesson, and looking forward to the time immortality lets us make use of it.

I'm at the age when "where am I eating tonight?" is a decision to make, not a hardship to overcome.

I'm at the age where I could still fall in love but I have the good sense not to.

I'm at the age where I can appreciate the wisdom of my elders, and still have some of my own to pass on.

I'm at the age where I've seen so much, and it's all taught me that there's still so much more to see.