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  Wake Up Sheeple

I think I have some sort of mental block about "story games", like Fiasco. Part of it is my specific experience with such games, where the play group is basically there to go after each other's characters. I prefer cooperative to competitive play, so I react badly to that style. But maybe it can work out...

Wake Up Sheeple!

Short version: everyone who's in on the Conspiracy gets GM privileges.

  An Otome Game idea

I watched a friend live-stream one of the Amnesia games the other night. This same friend talked about robotic characters. Those two events came together to give me a suggestion for an otome game.

  Draw Maps, Leave Blanks for Supers

This is more discussion about the Super-Sheriffs of Sagan City game, found online here.

Today I want to talk about how I applied the principle of "draw maps, leave blanks" to the superhero genre.

  Super-Sheriffs of Sagan City

I've been running a play-by-post game with an overly long name. It's a superhero game with the PCs set on another planet, the first off-world Earth colony.

This isn't a post about the whole game, which you can read online here. Instead, it's a run-down of my favorite moments from the game.

  A Grand Unified Theory

I was sick for a few weeks in November, and have been busy around the Thanksgiving holiday. Looking back, I saw fewer posts than I'd liked. So here's what I've been thinking about during that time, which is how Grand Adventure all ties together.