Astral Frontier Blog

  Fairy Soul Opposition

I'm taking a break from Grand Adventure to work on some other game design, and try out Powered by the Apocalypse. I'm taking an idea from awhile back, called "Fairy Soul", and giving it specific mechanics.

  Moving Targets

I have to get my household moved by April 2, so I've been busy with that. But here and there, I'm making progress on Grand Adventure.

  The Long Game

I want to offer a metaphor for the challenges you'll encounter as GM of a long-running roleplaying campaign. That metaphor is this:

A long campaign is like a road trip you undertake with your friends.

  Grand Adventure Optional Rules

A thread about damage got me thinking about a few optional rules for Grand Adventure: Conditions (for nuanced tracking of injury) and Equipment.

  Writing a Sagan City sourcebook

I'm running a play-by post game, called Super-Sheriffs of Sagan City. I've been thinking about publishing the setting as a standalone thing. I want to talk about some of the challenges of doing so.