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  Deconstructing Doc Smith, Part 2

This is a continuation of part 1, Deconstructing Doc Smith.

In this part, I'll be talking about the underlying model of a typical Doc Smith universe, the unfortunate implications or outright problem areas, and how to grapple with them.

  Batman v. Superman

I haven't seen "Batman v. Superman" and I probably won't see it in theaters. I've read plenty of reviews, and it sounds like it's not my thing. I think I can sum up the problem many fans have with it, and this echoes some reviews I've seen elsewhere: the movie doesn't seem to depict these iconic characters in the fashion I'm either accustomed to or comfortable with.

So if I was given responsibility to write a B-vs-S fight, what would it look like? To make this easier, we'll assume the events of "Man of Steel" stand.

  Deconstructing Doc Smith

Film Crit Hulk writes about "breaking a story". Rather than constructing a story, the goal is to take a story you're familiar with, or want to tell, and separate it into its component pieces. So I'm going to attempt to do just that, and try to extract a formula for writing a space opera in the vein of E. E. "Doc" Smith.


Two ideas came together for me this morning: a discussion of the mass graves of London, and the recent victory of AlphaGo over Lee Sedol.

No, really.

  I'm at That Age

I'm not in my 20's any more. But I'm not old, or even middle age. I'm at That Age.