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  Exploration Mechanics for It Was There, Honest!

Today I want to talk about three exploration models for It Was There, Honest!

I have three ways to structure exploration: Freeform RP, the Five-Room Dungeon, and Adjective Maps.

  Effects-Based Superhero Games

We often talk about "effects-based" superhero RPG rules. By "effects-based", we mean the game-mechanical effects: how much damage you do, how fast you fly, how much weight you lift, and so on. Rather than buying "throw fireball" as a power, your super-powered character buys "deal damage at range", for example.

My argument is that effects-based games are a poor fit for high-powered campaigns, or campaigns where a variety of powers are possible. I'll also try to address some objections to my proposed alternative.

  Vessels Mechanics (Part 2)

In the last post, I talked about the three phases of the "vessels" game: disrupt, discover, and direct.

  Inept Sorcerers Playtest

My friends Phil, Sherry, and Justin helped me playtest Inept Sorcerers. Phil recorded the session, and you can listen to it.

  Vessels Mechanics (Part 1)

The "Vessels" game I've been working on has been a struggle. Questions needed answering: what do emotions really do in a group situation? What is the right way to model influencing those emotions?