Astral Frontier Blog


I've been invited to run Inept Sorcerers at GeekGirlCon this year, October 10 and 11. During the sessions, I'll be testing out one of the "frames" for the game, called Race For the Crown.

  The Last Tribe

An idea for a hack of Ammo, from Gray Pawn, hit me on the way home today. It's about the Tribe, and their doomed fight against the Empire to try and find some peace before their time runs out.

  Grand Adventure Mechanics

I'm looking at a design for Grand Adventure that focuses around Action Cards (a modified version of Spell Cards from Inept Sorcerers), and two new rules I'm still fleshing out, called Spotlight and Discoveries.

  Frames for Inept Sorcerers

I'm designing a few "campaign frames" for Inept Sorcerers, which provide the game with a more concrete tone and setting.

  PAX Playtesting for Inept Sorcerers

I attended PAX Prime's Games on Demand over the weekend, and both ran and played in games of Inept Sorcerers. Here's a brief rundown of those games, and what I learned.