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  Top Ten Super-Tropes (that I hate)

I recently backed the Masks Kickstarter, and I think it will be well worth it. Before that, I backed the Daring Comics RPG. Before that, I've played any number of supers settings, at any number of power levels, and in any number of worlds. I've read comics from DC, Marvel, and independent publishers.

And right now I want to write about the top ten super-powered gaming tropes that really piss me off.

  Game Design Genetics

I've had this conversation with a few people, and it seemed helpful to them. So I'm writing it up, in hopes that it's helpful to others.

It's easy to sit down, try to design something, and not have it go the way you planned. From this, you might conclude that you're bad at design, that what you just did has no value, and that you should throw it away.

I'm going to argue that this is the wrong lesson to learn from failure, and the right lesson can be learned by knowing just a little about genetics.


I've been invited to run Inept Sorcerers at GeekGirlCon this year, October 10 and 11. During the sessions, I'll be testing out one of the "frames" for the game, called Race For the Crown.

  The Last Tribe

An idea for a hack of Ammo, from Gray Pawn, hit me on the way home today. It's about the Tribe, and their doomed fight against the Empire to try and find some peace before their time runs out.

  Grand Adventure Mechanics

I'm looking at a design for Grand Adventure that focuses around Action Cards (a modified version of Spell Cards from Inept Sorcerers), and two new rules I'm still fleshing out, called Spotlight and Discoveries.