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This site catalogs the fantastic products of its owner's imagination, and the tools and processes whereby he created them.

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I'm bad with graphics, color choice, and design. Fortunately other people aren't.

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Content Author License
Atlantis Docking NASA Public Domain
Beneath the Ocean palette rubyvillasenor CC-BY- NC-SA
Bookshelf.jpg Stewart Butterfield CC-BY-2.0
Clap-cinema.png Rundvald Public Domain / Voir ci-dessus
Cocaine3.jpg Unknown Public Domain
D20pic.jpg Wohlerbear CC-BY- SA-3.0
First_Background_by_N1LS.jpg ~N1LS CC-BY-ND
Future Lies A ycc2106 CC-BY- NC-SA
Galaxy glow palette Northern Dancer CC-BY- NC-SA
Guardian Angel Ozakuya CC-BY- NC-ND
Lady Knight ogitaka CC-BY- NC-3.0
lambda.png Luks Public Domain
Landscape Carina Nebula Hubble Public Domain
milkyway Troubadour1 CC-BY- NC-SA
My Bookshelf palette mavey CC-BY- NC-SA
Project Cyborg Transhuman-Project CC-BY- NC-SA-3.0
Quill (PSF).svg Pearson Scott Foresman Public Domain
Shaman King — Nature Grace Eternalinpeace CC-BY- NC-ND
Tron Legacy 2 palette polettomichele CC-BY- NC-SA
Tuxedo details.jpg Nicogenin CC-BY-3.0
Walther PPK.svg Nanoxyde GFDL or  CC-BY- SA-3. 0-2. 5-2. 0-1.0


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