With great power comes great amusement. Exodus entertains himself by throwing the core of his just-eaten apple as far as he can, then teleporting it back into his hands. It isn’t easy, given the winds blowing at the top of the Statue of Liberty. But he has time to kill, and he wants the cops to finally make it up the stairs before his grand departure.

Of course, they might send a chopper. That would be pretty cool. Exodus has practiced plenty with airplanes - building up enough speed to teleport onto them, or leaving them safely. But he’s never tried a chopper. Well, not that he remembers anyway. He might have forgotten.

The police finally come. He leaps off the side of the statue with a jaunty salute and finds himself in Shanghai.

Languages are the main thing Exodus learns these days. Any other skill is a passing fancy, but to impress girls you have to speak to them. Exodus has been learning the variants of Chinese, but most of the girls speak English anyway so it’s kind of boring. But the movies are great. He spends a few days bumming around the city, stealing food, sleeping in locked rooms in vacant buildings, and soaking in the culture.

Next stop is New York City. The swanky hotels always have some sort of event going on, or there’s a convention at the Javitz Center. Exodus starts ferrying food to an alleyway he knows, full of hungry people he’s never met before, at least until the staff catches him and he’s got to book. He speaks English, but what they speak in the Big Apple is something entirely different. Still, he gets the idea. Beat it and never come back. He hears that a lot.

Exodus gets bored. He drove a few sports cars, hit on a few pretty ladies, actually scored with another, and redistributed some wealth. His collection, lying in a forgotten mineshaft in the Mohave Desert, has grown to include a few new odds and ends. It was a good few days. So he heads back to his cell at the Riverbend Maximum Security Institution to tell the guys all about it.